COVID-19 Update March 25, 2020

We Are Prepared!

Just an update on how we are doing at the funeral home. Last week, we watched news, printed as much information from the CDC, National Funeral Directors Association, Vermont Funeral Directors Association, Vermont Department of Health, and others, as we could, and read it many times. We, along with our families, enacted new policies, standard operating protocols, and communication tools for the protection of ourselves, our families, our staff, the families that we serve, and our community. We did an inventory of our protective equipment at the funeral home. In this inventory, we realized that we are well stocked for the short term, and are actively seeking to increase our inventory as we are safely allowed to by whatever means that are available to us. We will not take, or accept more than we are allowed to, or need, at the time. We will share what we can spare with our funeral colleagues.

Also, we have continued our care with the families that have called us, and will continue to do so for anyone who needs us. We may have to do services a little differently than usual, or postpone services until it is safe for us to include everyone that should be present to support each other. We are now offering to webcast funeral services to anyone who wishes, at no charge for this service. We have discussed it and decided that we will never charge for webcasts in the future. Realistically it does not cost us anything to set up a camera and our laptop to provide this.

I have had many people ask what and how this pandemic is affecting us at the funeral home. I simply say this "We are prepared to handle everything if Covid-19 claims the life of a loved one. We are ready to eliminate the virus from the body, in the ways that the experts are advising us to. We will continue to guide the family and care for them with the dignity, respect and compassion as we always have. We are committed to maintain a safe, healthy, and protected service and facility to all!"

I know this is lengthy, but I want you all to know what we are doing during these trying times. I ask just three things from you. #1, Take extra care of yourself and everyone you can. Through aggressive new cleaning measures, we can reduce the chances of getting and spreading this virus. #2, keep me, my staff and families, and everyone in your thoughts and prayers for a safe outcome from this pandemic. We are all in this together, and we will be so much stronger and closer when this is over.
#3, when you pass anyone on the street, or however you come into contact with anyone else, share a smile with them. Just think when you do this, a smile is the easiest way to say "hello, you are important to me, and I hope this makes your day a little happier!".

Thanks, and we are all in this together!

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