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Losing a loved one is one of life’s most difficult moments. The grief and sadness are overwhelming, and yet, there are so many details and decisions to be made.  That is why we offer Family Shield Credit by Brady & Levesque.

Paying for a funeral shouldn’t be an additional source of stress and worry. Now with Family Shield Credit, families can have the celebrations of life they want without the pressure to pay for it immediately.

With affordable, low monthly payments, timely approval, no pre-payment penalty and up to 36 months to pay, Family Shield gives you what you need most right now — time to gather together to say goodbye and remember all of the memories you shared.


How it works:  You set up your funding with Family Shield, we receive payment right away to provide everything that you wish to celebrate your loved one, and you pay over time comfortably with no additional stress or worry.


To see how Family Shield Credit by Brady & Levesque can help you, please click on the link below, or ask our funeral director to assist you.


Family Shield by Brady & Levesque Application


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