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When we look into the eyes of a pet, we do not see an animal, we see a living being, a soul,

and the unconditional love of a faithful family member!


People say pets are almost like family. We disagree. Our pets are just as much a part of our family as our children are. Our pets live with us, play with us, require much of the same affection and care as our children do, and they give us their love, affection and obedience in return.

The Brady & Levesque families have dedicated our lives to serving the needs of our neighbors when a death occurs. This has also meant in the event of a pet death.

When a pet dies, no one typically thinks of a funeral home as being able to help with the loss of an animal. Contrary to this belief, we stand ready to provide you with the same quality of care and attention to detail that our families have come to know and expect from us, even when your beloved pet dies.

We feel it is very important that you understand the options that are available to you, which is why we have created this web page. We want you to be able to decide what is best for you, your family and your beloved pet.

As pet parents ourselves, we are ready to carefully discuss the various options that are available to you and we are committed to meeting the special needs of each individual pet owner and their faithful companion.

You and your family can rest assured that your pet will be taken care of with dignity, care and compassion. Many families are now choosing cremation when their pets die. We have enlisted the services of Island Memorials to perform our pet cremation services. They offer as much personalized and individual care for pets. We can assist with making arrangements with the crematorium and providing the transportation of your pet to the crematorium as well. All cremations are done individually, and with the utmost care and compassion.

What Makes Our Pet Services Different

*  We at Brady & Levesque, are the ONLY funeral home in Vermont who are members of the Pet Loss Professionals Alliance.  PLPA is a International association of funeral directors, who take pride in caring for pets, and pet families, in their time of loss.  Our pets are as much of a part of our family as our human family, so they deserve the care and respect after their life is completed also.

*  We can guarantee that our assistance will be less expensive than what the veterinarians have to charge when they have to utilize additional services in order to be able to provide similar help. We only charge $75.00 - $115.00, to make the Removal (Take the pet into our care from the place of death, home, Vets Office, etc.,)and transportation to and from the Crematorium.  We do not charge for time at our funeral home, if you wish to have family members gather to say "good bye" to a pet.  If you wish, you can have a private viewing of your pet in a private room at our funeral home.

*  We are the only funeral home in northwestern Vermont who offers a wide range of Pet Memorial Products (Caskets, Urns, and Memorial Products)  A price list is available at our funeral home.

*  We can also offer other ideas on the many different ways of memorializing a pet.

*  We do not charge additional costs for cremation.  We only charge what the Crematorium charges us for the cremation service (Fee based on the weight of the pet).

*  We DO NOT FREEZE PETS!  Many veterinary clinics, freeze the bodies of pets, waiting for the bodies to be picked up weekly for cremation.  Because we make the "Removal" (Bring your pet into our care) within a few hours of the call for our services, your pet will NEVER be placed in a freezer.  All pets in our care are kept at our funeral home, prior to transportation to the crematorium, in a cool, private room.

 *  We do all Pet Cremations Individually!  We do not cremate your pet with other pets, the way some Veterinary Clinics offer.  We believe the body of our pets deserve to be treated as reverently and respectfully as we do our human family members are.

*  We offer a permanent tribute on our Brady & Levesque Pet Service Facebook page.  We encourage our families to provide us with a Life Story and photo of their beloved companion, and we will post it as a tribute on our page.  Please see our page for more information - https://www.facebook.com/Brady-Levesque-Pet-Services-1005856962943731/.

*  We are the ONLY funeral home in our area that welcomes pets to participate in funeral services for both humans and pets.  Your surviving pets are always welcome to come to our funeral home, to share in the loss of a loved one.  We have seen many times, by bringing a beloved pet to visiting hours, or private services, the pet will understand that something has changed, and their parent or sibling, will not be coming home.  This eliviates the "searching" for the loved one, that many pets suffer when a family member has died.  We keep food and water bowls near our side door, for our pet visitors, to make them feel welcome.


To assist you and your family in making educated, well thought-out decisions regarding their pet's final resting-place, we also offer pre-need planning assistance. With this, you will have the opportunity to sit down with us and discuss your pet's final arrangements before the loss of your pet. Planning ahead with thoughtful consideration is always in your best interest. By taking the time to make your decisions now, you can feel comforted by knowing that you have made the best possible decisions for both you and your pet.  Please contact us by phone call or email to discuss your wishes, and to obtain our Pet Pre-Planning Guide.




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