Is Pre-Planning Right For Me?

Pre-Planning is the Ultimate Give of Love You Can Leave Your Family.

We see many people come to us to Pre-Plan their final wishes.  You may be thinking, "Is Pre-Planning right for me?"  Well I would like to answer that question for you.

Many of our community members choose to Pre-Plan with us, each year.  We offer many funeral, burial and cremation options.  What these people quickly learn is that we are the only funeral home, to allow you to tell us exactly what you have in mind, and then we design a final tribute that will meet exactly what you wish.  We do not try to talk you into services and merchandise that you don't want or need.

We have over the years, have assisted many people to create a memorable and specific arrangement that not only encompases the exact send off that they wish, but also a memorial that has significant meaning and comfort to those who are left behind.  From traditional funeral services in a church or graveside, to services that reflect the life of the person we are caring for.  We have had our chapel turned into a living room with places for visitors to sit down an play a hand of cards, which the person loved to do.  We have had many services where the family and friends just spent time sharing memories and most of these, end up with many laughs and great memories that were created at the service.

When someone comes in to pre-plan with us, we first discuss the necessary information that we will need to complete the paperwork for when the time comes.  Then, we let you tell us your story.  We learn your life achievements, your hobbies and interests, and most importantly, we learn about your family and loved ones.  After we talk about all of the important things, people and events in your life thusfar, it is time for you and our staff to get uniquely creative.  We then give you ideas to make a truly personal service for your family and friends, but ultimately YOU make all the decisions.  You are the designer, we are the facilitators.  

When the time comes, and we are called to put all of the plans and directions you have left us and your family to carry out, it is all spelled out.  Most importantly, you have taken all of the burden off from your family, the questions of what you would have wanted are eliminated, and your loved ones can concentrate on the important things they need to - grieving the loss and supporting one another.

To complete this final gift that you can leave your loved ones, please call or contact us to set up an appointment, and let us show you how easy this process is, and how comforting it can be for you and your family.

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