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Brady & Levesque Funeral Home And Commemorative Services

Dignity and Caring for Four Generations

In 1918, Anthony Terrien opened our family's funeral home, A.L. Terrien & Sons, and began serving families with the best personal and professional service he was able to provide. Today, we continue in the tradition he began, providing you with friendly, sincere and gentle care. As a family, we have grown up with the knowledge and understanding of all that is needed to help you and your loved ones in your greatest time of need. With our commitment to remain an independent, family owned and operated funeral home, you can be assured that we will continue to serve you for generations to come.

We are located in the historic Houghton House which was built in 1799, and is the second oldest home in St. Albans.  Our home was part of the "Underground Railroad", providing a safe place for many slaves on their way to Canada for freedom.  We have many treasures from that time, and we have them on display to honor those people who visited our home in the early 1800's.

Being the one of Franklin County’s family owned funeral home, we have not been tempted to stay idle, or to merely keep up with the times. Instead, we continue to be leaders and stay ahead of what eventually becomes the current trend in funeral services. For example, in 1984 we began our funeral home in St. Albans to assist families with burial and cremation services; our availability of horse drawn and traditional Cadillac hearses; our assistance with pet loss began in 2009.  In 2014, we added a special hearse to our fleet of vehicles.  We are the proud owners of a British made Daimler DS420 Hearse.  This regal hearse is virtually identical to the hearse used by Leverton and Sons for the funeral of the late Diana, Princess of Wales.  

Our commitment to you is to ensure that every decision you make is knowledgeable and comfortable for all. With nearly 100 years of experience in providing assistance, we are able to offer simple suggestions to make every service more meaningful. We take pride in granting any wish, or desire to personalize a families funeral experience with us.  Additionally, we will continue to provide all families with a comfortable, safe, and homelike atmosphere, with the best personal and professional care that only our family funeral home can provide.

The Undertaker

The midnight hour, the darkest hour,
That human grief must know,
Sends forth its hurried summons -
Asks me to come - I go!

I know not when the bell may toll,
I know not where the blow may fall,
I only know that I must go
In answer to the call.

Perhaps a friend - perhaps unknown -
'Tis fate that turns the wheel -
The tangled skeins of human life
Wind slowly on the reel.

And I? I'm  the undertaker,
"Cold -Blooded", you'll hear them say,
"Trained to the shock and chill of death,
With a heart that's cold and grey."

Trained - that's what they call it
How little they know the rest -
I'm human, and know the sorrow
That throbs in the aching breast.

Bennett Chapple

Honoring Those Who Served

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